ASM Photography

Asanele Shaun Mfengu is a 23 year old Industrial Engineer and Photographer. 

I have always wanted to own a camera since the age of 6 years. This dream became a reality when I got the opportunity to save up enough money and eventually bought my first DSLR. Now, a few years later, I am on one of the best adventures of all time. Capturing and making moments last, which is what I present to you in my photography. Welcome to ASM Photography!   

The Notebook

Photography to me, is like a notebook. 

It is a place where you express your thoughts on a page. Whether it be good or bad thoughts, events or ideas, they are all dotted down on a notebook.
Like photography, whether it be dreams or adventures, laughs and serious scenes, the moments are captured on a photo.

They say “A picture is worth a 1000 words”.
I pose a different statement,
“A picture is worth a lifetime of memories”.

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Based in Centurion, South Africa